Apple IPhone 3G 8GB

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Apple iPhone 3G 8GB

The Apple iPhone 3G 8GB has just about all of the formidable features and functions of the iconic Apple iPhone 3G 16GB and it enjoys broad based appeal. It transcends the decidedly consumer oriented bounds of the first generation iPhones by offering business users Microsoft Exchange support.
Enterprise users have instant access to corporate email as well as remote synchronization with Outlook calendar, contact list, and task list applications. Data transfer rates and voice quality are notably improved by the incorporation of 3G technology. With its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity even faster speeds can be expected when within range of a hotspot.
  • Standout Features
  • iPod multimedia player
  • 3.5-inch display screen
  • Assisted GPS
  • Features
There are exactly two differences between this device and the Apple iPhone 3G 16GB. The first is memory. This device has a substantial 8GB while the other has a massive built-in 16GB of memory. It should be noted that other top rated devices approach memory differently than Apple. While they have much less built-in memory they allow for expansion by use of microSD cards supporting up to 16GB. The other difference is price. The iPhone 3G 8GB costs $100 less than its 16GB cousin. The trade-off is a choice left to the individual purchaser.

Music and Video playback
It can be difficult to decide which feature makes the iPhone 3G 8GB stand out most but among smartphones but its roots in the Apple iPod comes to mind. Though there have been innumerable attempts to copy or one-up the iPod as a music and video player, others have as yet, fallen short. Apple invented the concept and has continued to perfect it as time has passed. Couple that with the iTunes website with its unmatched mobile audio and video library and you’ve really got a package. Now, iTunes includes the iPhone App Store to add literally thousands of applications to the already capable device.

Assisted GPS is included which uses not only satellite fixes to pinpoint your location but also incorporates location triangulation from cell towers and even Wi-Fi hotspots when available. This speeds up the locating process and can make getting a fix possible at times when it may not otherwise be available.

Email and Messaging
The Apple iPhone 3G supports popular personal email applications as well as text and instant messaging. Oddly, especially for a phone so firmly based in multimedia, it doesn’t offer multimedia messaging (MMS). It has a 2.0 megapixel camera which seems something of a shortfall in a device of this level. Inexplicably, it lacks a video recording capability. The device has Bluetooth for hands-free calling, but, recalling that we consider this the best music phone on the market, it is difficult to understand why Bluetooth stereo headphones are not supported.

Battery Life
Battery life for the Apple iPhone 3G is rated at up to 600 minutes talk time and standby time of 300 hours.


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