Nokia 1208

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Nokia 1208 cell phone is available in an elegant classic bar handset which is mostly black in color and enhanced with a colored section with an option of either black or red. The phone measures 102mm in height, 44.1mm in width and with 17.5mm depth which gives the 1208 phone a solid & strong feel. Let’s get to know some Nokia 1208 details. The Nokia 1208 cellphone is a solid handset which can easily carry all over the place and its weight is 77 grams including the battery. The battery will give the user with around 7 hours of talk time or 365 hours of standby time from a completely charged battery.

The handset is available with a colour screen which displays up to 65,000 colours on a CSTN screen. The keypad is placed below the colour screen & available with accessible keys which are dust resistant to prevent damage to the keys. The user can use the speedy access one touch shortcut keys to access a selection of features which gives the user with an easy access facility. The Nokia 1208 is a user focused mobile phone which is available with a obvious, easy to read screen complete with a jumbo font feature. The Nokia 1208 mobile phone is available from the same variety as the Nokia 1200 which is another communication & user friendly focused mobile phone.

The Nokia 1208 accessories include charger, connection cable and others The user can connect their mobile phone to a charger or a compatible headset. User can try different Nokia 1208 applications. The Nokia 1208 cellphone comes with dual band technology and use can run it over GSM 900 & 1800. The user can communicate with other contacts using the SMS messaging service which permits the user to make, send & receive SMS text messages on their mobile phone. The SMS service supports multiple messaging sending which permits the user to send the same message to multiple contacts easily. The user can store up to sixty SMS messages in their SMS inbox.

The message feature supports picture messaging which permits the user to share SMS greeting & graphics with other contacts. The user can generate & send SMS messages speedily & easily on their Nokia 1208 which gives a fun way to communicate with all SMS compatible contacts. The Nokia 1208 themes put the user in the mood and make the season bright

The user can enjoy Nokia 1208 softwares The Nokia 1208 is available with preinstalled MP3 or voice 32 polyphonic ringtones which gives the user fun & lovely Nokia 1208 ringtones according to their style & taste. The phone is available with a flashlight facility which lets the user to use their mobile phone as a portable flashlight when in dark environment. The Nokia 1208 games which are preinstalled in the handset let the user to enjoy every time they wish. The user can use the hands free speaker phone facility to make a call by using the phones loud speakers which means the user is not required to hold the Nokia 1208 while making a call & can just rest the handset on a desk or table during the call. The Nokia 1208 review is available on different sites

Nokia 1208 Specifications & Features

65k Colour CSTN Screen (96 x 68 Pixels)

Large Digital Clock Wallpaper
Animated Screensavers
Jumbo Font

SMS (Text Messaging)
Multiple Message Sending
Picture Messaging
SMS Inbox (Up to 60 Messages)
Message Distribution Lists
Speed Dialing

Preloaded MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones
Polyphonic Ringtones (32 Voices)
Handsfree Speaker

Preloaded Games
Phone Book (200 Contacts)
Alarm Clock
Time (Analog & Digital)
Countdown Timer
Language Support
Time Tracker
One Touch Shortcut Keys
Power Saver Mode


Dual Band (GSM 900 & GSM 1800)


Memory & Talk Time
4 Mbytes Memory
7 Hours Talk Time
365 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
77 g
102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm


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